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Friend and Volunteer


Owner and Manager

While in her professional life, Pam is a medical educator, she still has time to oversee the management of Sunset Farm and the breeding program. Pam says she was born loving horses and while she no longer rides due to her busy schedule, she has a passion for the mares and babies and, especially the American Saddlebred.

As anyone who has a breeding farm knows, it is so important to have good friends and advisors (informal and formal). We are very grateful to those who are ever ready to help with a sick horse, training the youngsters and, of course - veterinary, transport and blacksmith expertise. Thank you all! -pjb

Don and Wendy Joliff

Briar Hill Farm

John Scheidt, Jim Aikman and Don Spear

Tina Fisher-Legg

Jim and Jenny Taylor

Memory Lane Farm

Gone - but certainly not forgotten,

Tom Ferrebee and Dick Kearney

Jesse and Emily West

John Hufferd - Triumph Stables

Scott Gonyaw - Paradise Farms

Pictured: Seraph

Joe Brown, Joe Brown Stables

Sunset Farm's Barn Manager is Kristen Hoelscher who is helped by a capable team consisting of Dakota Corbin and Ohio State College of Veterinary Students, Olivia Gorman and Maddie Frendberg, as well as Christy Webster and Rosie Davis.

Thanks to Riky Chavez (Chavez Stables) for getting the Sunset Farm Saddlebreds off to a good start, and to Farrier Jim Bray for his regular visits.

We are very grateful for the support of friends including Joseph Lowe, Don Jolliff, Melody Adler (Aurora Farm), Joan Hamilton (Kalarama Farm), Fred Sarver (Cornerstone) and so many others who are  always willing to advise and guide when called upon.

I would be remiss not to mention and thank my husband, Dave Boyers and son John Boyers for their help with fixing “all things” required to keep the farm functional - from tractors, to cameras, to golf carts and websites!