Getting to The Winner's Circle

Providing a good foundation . . .

We realize that most of our young horses must be prepared for an amateur rider, so their early start is critical. All receive the best supplements and nutrition possible, along with regular worming and shots.

Our foals are worked to become trusting and yet still know that each might become a show horse in time.

It's a careful balance of regular handling, yet at the same time allowing them to grow up as horses!

Here are some of the Sunset Farm youngsters who became proven champions – including those who are on their way to stardom!

Sunset's I'm Vegas-

KSF Ribbon Winner 2017

WC, RWCC, My Pistol Annie

Sunset Farm World’s Champions & RWCs

I'm on Fire - Royal Hart

Roxie in Vegas

Radiante - Dejavu’s Delight

It’s Teatime - Stravinsky

My Pistol Annie - Basquiat

Cha' Ching

Sunset's Flying Kiss- KSF Ribbon Winner 2014

Sunset's Champagne- KSF Ribbon Winner 2015

Sunset's Lizzy Bennet-

All American Cup Ribbon Winner 2015

Sunset's Madeira-

UPHA Park Pleasure 2017

All American Cup Ribbon Winner 2014

RWC Royal Hart

WCC, WC, Ch. Stravinsky

RWC Roxie in Vegas

Sunset Farm Champions